Risk of entrapment and suffocation

The hydrophilic summer sleeping bag from bébé-jou Fabulous below does not comply with safety requirements.

The stopper of the zipper, instead of the bottom, is placed at the top near the neck opening. In addition to the danger of finger entrapment, the child can slip and suffocate in the sleeping bag at the moment when the parent does not close the sleeping bag completely.

Muslin summer sleeping bag Hero

Muslin summer sleeping bag Paper Planes

Muslin summer sleeping bag Swan




EAN 8714929006570

EAN 8714929005573

EAN 8714929004576

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3004057 (110cm)

3004055 (110cm)

3004056 (110cm)

3006057 (90cm)

3006055 (90cm)

3006056 (90cm)

3005057 (70cm)

3005055 (70cm)

3005056 (70cm)

Made in Turkey

Made in Turkey

Made in Turkey





















Summer sleeping bags

If you are in possession of one of these hydrophilic summer sleeping bags that have been sold from July 13, 2020, you are urged not to use it anymore.

For more information, please contact us via telephone number +31 (0) 522-464182 or send an e-mail to [email protected].

You can return or return this sleeping bag at your point of purchase and you will receive your money back.



April 8, 2021