TOG value

We often have the habit to tuck up our little one in the best way possible. Sometimes it is difficult as a parent to estimate how warm you should cover your baby up. A too high body temperature due to the warm packing of your newborn baby can even be dangerous. The TOG value is a useful tool here.

TOG, or Thermal Overall Grade, shows the insulation value of textiles. The higher the TOG rating, the higher the thermal resistance and insulation of the material. A 3,5 TOG blanket,  for example is very warm and perfect for a cold winter night. A blanket of 0,2 TOG is on the other hand suitable for warmer periods.

The diagram below gives handy overview of the various TOG values and how to tuck up your baby.

0,5 TOG - room temperature above 26 ◦C                   
1,0 TOG - room temperature 23 - 24 ◦C 
2,0 TOG - room temperature 20 - 22 ◦C 
2,5 TOG - room temperature 16 - 19 ◦C 



October 31, 2018