With bébé-jou you will choose a product of high quality, therefore you can also expect the best advice and service. Our products are manufactured with the greatest care and quality is carefully checked. It still is possible the product is not entirely perfect, it breaks or it is unclear how it should be used.

What should you do when a product has shortcomings
Do not use the product any more. Contact the store where you have purchased your product. Always take the product and proof of purchase with you. In most cases the product can also be repaired. More detailed information about service parts as well as information concerning our warranty terms and conditions can be found in the menu on the right side.

Do you have questions regarding the product or its use?
It goes without saying you can go to one of our points of sale for a comprehensive personal advice. 

Most of our products come with a manual that contains information regarding intended use, cleaning instructions and warnings. Don’t have it within reach? No worries, you can find the manuals of most of our products under the menu manuals.