Discover the latest bath: Sense & Sense Edition

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SENSE - The absolute must-have baby bath!

Design, ease of use and safety. For example, the latest bébé-jou baby bath Sense has been developed for you and your little one to enjoy a wonderfully relaxing bath together.

Sense Edition

The Sense Edition includes an innovative digital thermometer. The bath plug has an integrated system that measures both the water temperature and the room temperature. This way you can always let your baby enjoy it safely and at the right temperature, wherever the bath is located. The information is displayed on the digital module via a wireless connection. The beautifully designed and handy touch LED module is equipped with a timer that you can set to 10 minutes. This way you can take a nice bath without your baby being in the water for too long.

The new Sense bath stand

The very stable Sense bath stand has legs made of lacquered FSC-certified beech wood. This gives the bath stand a warm, modern look. The stand is equipped with handy features; a towel rack is attached to the front. The spacious plastic tray provides space for a items like; a shampoo bottle, washcloth(s) or washing gel. This means you have all the necessary things at hand to enjoy the bath time with your little one.

An innovative click system ensures that the bath can be easily placed on and remove from the stand. After clicking it, you can bathe your little one undisturbed and safely. In addition to white, this bath stand is also available in the four Fabulous colors (Sky Green, Mellow Rose, Celestial Blue and Griffin Grey).

Available in many colours!

This bath is comfortable, ergonomic and has an integrated seat for when your little onse is a bit taller. The baby bath Sense Edition is available in a wide range of colors; Whithe, Ocean Green, Light Grey, Sky Green, Mellow Rose, Celestial Blue, Copper and Griffin Grey.

Do you want this beautiful design baby bath without the thermometer module? Choose the standard Sense version. In addition to the uni colors, this version is also available in the designs Rainbow Sky, Jungle Friends, Ollie, Leopard Blue and Leopard Pink.

March 1, 2021