Time for a change

We are not going to lie, you will change many many diapers! The bébé-jou comfort changing pads offers a helping hand getting your baby dressed after taking a bath or when you need to change a diaper.

Rounded edges help keeping the baby in the middle of the changing pad. It is made of high quality elastic PU comfort foam to provide support to baby’s head and neck. The changing pad is waterproof and easy to clean with lukewarm water. Very hygienic, because sometimes the pad gets dirty! The changing pad is available in uni colors and various prints. Available in two sizes, 72x44 cm & 72x77 cm.

Did you know we also have soft matching covers for 72x44 changing pads? This way, your baby can enjoy the softness and warmth when he or she is being changed or dressed. With the elastic at the bottom of the cover, it fits exactly over the changing pad and remains this way.

November 7, 2018